April 20, 2018
Phase One has announced a new Learning Hub along with Capture On 11.1
Basically a one stop shop for Tutorials, Webinars, 3rd Party Training Resources, and listing of articles in the Capture One Blog.
April 20, 2018
Other information on Capture One 11.1 you can visit Alex on RAW
Alex also has 10% off coupon for new purchase or upgrade.
And Capture One Pro 11.1 New Features Overview.
April 20, 2018
Capture On 11.1 was just released and you can read a review at the Image Alchemist
There is also a 10% off coupon for a new purchase or upgrade.
New eBook Capture One 11
Reprinted from the  Image Alchemist website:
Just released "Photographer’s guide to Capture One 11" by Nils Wille Christoffersen. In this 460 page eBook (ePub/PDF) you find virtually everything covered you might want to know more about.
Priced at US $19 you get it for $5 less directly from the publisher with voucher alchemist5 (no affiliation).
Read more about the Photographer’s guide and download a sample ePub file for testing in your reader. Or directly buy it at Gumroad.

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