I am Larry Goodwin, a Digital Tech and photographer living in Denver, Colorado. Co-owner of Denverphotoscapes.
I am a Phase One Certificated Professional for Phase One XF, 645DF, and CaptureOne Pro. I will gladly work as a Digital Tech or assistant. I can also find my way around Adobe LightRoom, Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop and Phocus. Contact me if you are interested in discussing upcoming assignments.
Equipment includes Phase One XF IQ3 100mp and Nikon FX cameras and lenses, and Profoto Lighting. If you are in need of equipment we an arrange for rentals. 

Fun Times
I find all aspects of photography challenging. However, I do gravitate to urban architecture and landscape. Living in Colorado presents a lot of fine nature and landscape opportunities. 
Fine Art Shows
Third Place in the Spice of Life juried Exhibition, Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO 
First Place in Photography at the Summer Sizzle Exhibition, Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO
Art Spring Eternal - Artist Reception Thursday, April 26. 6-8PM. Depot Art Gallery, Littleton, CO
Urban Landscape - December 7 thru 23 2017 - Core New Art Space - 900 Santa Fe Drive - Denver - CO
First Impressions - January 4 - January 28 2018  - Depot Art Gallery - Littleton - CO
Americana - March 16 – April 8, 2018 - Pennsylvania Center for Photography, Doylestown, PA
Thank you!
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