August 18, 2018
BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15  & Studio 15 is announced.
In addition to many upgrades to color grading, Fusion is totally integrated into it. Along with Fairlight this is an all-in-one NLE like no other. 
DaVinci Resolve 15 is still free and the Studio version is only $299.
Check it out at BlackMagic Design 

June 26, 2018

The Phase One 240mm Blue Ring lens has a built-in lens hood. In order to use the Lee Filter SW-150 filter adapter or the Wine Country adapter on this lens you need to add a 86mm spacer.

The spacer is available at these places for around $16 US ... 5713-p.asp ... 2175252966

June 15, 2018
Making Color Profiles for Capture One in 3D LUT Creator
There are plenty of LUTs available both for free and for purchase. Making your own and installing in Capture One can be a great asset. 
May 24, 2018
Grip Tips YouTube Channel
Good source of information on Grip
May 19, 2018
Creating and Using Lens Profiles
Capture One Pro has hundreds of lens for files for most popular lenses. Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Fuji, Mamiya, Sony , Zeiss, Tamron, Rodenstock, Hasselblad, and many more. Adobe also has many lenses covered. If your lens is not covered or you think you can do better you can create your own. 
In my work I use the CaptureOne Complete Universal Calibration kit. The kit contains two plastic opaque plates that you use to create your image that is used by Capture One to create the custom profile. 
You set your cameras exposure and then open up two stops using the shutter speed. Then take the photo with the plate over the lens. Import this image into Capture One Pro and use the LCC tool to create a custom profile. After creation process the image is tagged with LCC. Then you select the profile and images you want it profiled with and select apply.
If you include a plate in your image you can use it to adjust the white balance. 
Using Lens Profiles by John Paul Caponigro is a good read if you are using Adobe products.
You can find the LCC Profile Kit at
You can also purchase the kit at 
May 3, 2018
TeherTools Insite & Inspiration Guide download
Capture One Pro 11.1.1 Released with support for Leica M (typ 262) and a few bug fixes.
April 21, 2018
Capture Pilot has been updated for iOS devices and is available now.
Shooting tethered with Capture Pilot now comes with additional control for Sony cameras. Change the camera settings of a tethered camera and preview images from the shoot with Capture Pilot for your iOS or web connected device.
April 20, 2018
Phase One has announced a new Learning Hub along with Capture On 11.1
Basically a one stop shop for Tutorials, Webinars, 3rd Party Training Resources, and listing of articles in the Capture One Blog.
April 20, 2018
Other information on Capture One 11.1 you can visit Alex on RAW
Alex also has 10% off coupon for new purchase or upgrade.
And Capture One Pro 11.1 New Features Overview.
April 20, 2018
Capture On 11.1 was just released and you can read a review at the Image Alchemist
There is also a 10% off coupon for a new purchase or upgrade.
New eBook Capture One 11
Reprinted from the  Image Alchemist website:
Just released "Photographer’s guide to Capture One 11" by Nils Wille Christoffersen. In this 460 page eBook (ePub/PDF) you find virtually everything covered you might want to know more about.
Priced at US $19 you get it for $5 less directly from the publisher with voucher alchemist5 (no affiliation).
Read more about the Photographer’s guide and download a sample ePub file for testing in your reader. Or directly buy it at Gumroad.

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